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Pregnant women will have to take special care during the Corona period

   Dr. M.P. Srivastava gave information on the call of Asha Welfare Foundation  Lucknow.  Coronavirus has engulfed the whole world.  The gov...


 Dr. M.P. Srivastava gave information on the call of Asha Welfare Foundation

 Lucknow.  Coronavirus has engulfed the whole world.  The government is also doing all the precautions and facilities for the public on its behalf so that the infection can be eradicated as soon as possible. All the children, old and old, may be caught, but a little caution can reduce this infection.  Special precautions need to be taken to prevent the spread of this infection in the context of pregnant women. On the call of the Asha Welfare Foundation, Dr. M.P. Srivastava of Veerangana Jhalkari Bai Hospital in the capital Lucknow told about the precautions to be followed by pregnant  Women can avoid corona infection as well as other infections.  He told that pregnant women who have completed 28 weeks should pay special attention to increase their immunity power, to increase immunity power, eat iron-giving foods, protein and milk etc. according to the diet plan so that pregnant women  The body can easily fight minor diseases.  With this, leave the house if it is very important, do not sit in a crowded place in the neighborhood, nor do you have open mouth or hands, mask or skull on the mouth as well as clothes till the wrist.  If the woman has given birth to the baby, then at least give the baby in the hands, but her first hands must be properly sanitized, as well as if the mother is breastfeeding the baby after doing some work then before her  Sanitize the hands.  Keep the newborn covered, at the same time, it is important to take care that there is not much covering around the baby's face so that the child does not feel difficulty in breathing.  If either mother or child is having a cold for more than two days, then the doctor should be consulted without delay.  The mother should wear a three-layer mask and if the child is possible, avoid kissing the forehead and cheeks.  If the mother has sneezed or is special with the child, then it is better to sneak away from the child and sneak them properly before touching the baby or adopting it with a cloth and mouth cloth.  As the rainy season is near, pregnant women will not get soaked in rain even in hobbies, so that no other infection can spread.

 Asi Welfare Foundation President Soni Verma said that the organization is trying to spread awareness among the people.  In the coming times, the goal is to distribute sanitary pads with awareness to women in slum settlements.
 Dr. MP Srivastava is currently Consultant Pathologist, and Chest Physician at Jhalkari Bai Hospital, Hazratganj, Capital Lucknow, as well as Infection Control Officer, Nodal Officer in charge of Bio Medical Waste Management.

 Brijendra Bahadur Maurya, Vice President of the institution played an important role in compiling the above information from Dr. MP Srivastava.

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